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Diamond Quality Reports

If you own diamonds or plan on buying one, you’ll need a GemLab Diamond Quality Report.

The only way a diamond's true quality can be established is by analysis loose from the setting, by qualified professionals such as at GemLab. Unfortunately many valuations are done on diamonds assessed in the setting where the carat weight and quality can only be estimated and the margin of error is wide. Even if done by an experienced diamond grader or valuer the resulting value can be a mile out. Purchasing a diamond on the basis of a valuation in the setting should be avoided. Jewellery valuation inspection

GemLab Diamond Quality Reports are independent, accurate assessments of the size, weight, and quality of loose diamonds. They will enable you to compare "apples with apples" and will give you confidence in your diamond purchasing decision.

Why risk buying a diamond without a GemLab Quality Report?

Of course some diamonds come with other documentation. But how do you know this is unbiased and correct? Can you be sure the report is for that diamond? You should at least have GemLab verify it for you. This can be easily arranged through your Jeweller or by calling GemLab on (09) 489 9919.

GemLab Diamond Report Check

A GemLab Diamond Report can be verified online as true and genuine, by using the form below.

This service is available for all GemLab Diamond Quality Reports from 2002 onwards. If you have any queries about this service or would like to order a current valuation for your GemLab Report, please contact us

NB: No ownership details are recorded in database. Enter following info to retrieve report: (Report number should be entered without the GL. Try it with 7H651 and 1.01)

Retrieve a Diamond Report


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How much does it cost?

Identification only $50
Diamond Report $120+ $15 per whole carat
Faster service Same-day + 25%
While-U-Wait + 50%
Add a valuation at the same time for only $40.
Example: a 1.50ct loose diamond report would cost $135 on our standard 3 day turnround
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For our standard service there is no need to book, just call in to Constellation Drive at your convenience. We will give you a free quote.

To book our while-you-wait, same-day or one week valuation service, or to request more information: