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Jewellery Claims Evaluations

GemLab provides an expert unbiased after-loss evaluation service for insurance companies and jewellery owners.

Analysis and evaluation of damaged diamonds, jewellery and gemstones is our specialty. As we do not supply replacement jewellery or stones a fair and unbiased opinion is assured.

To Log a New Claim please email your instructions directly to

Please include:

  • Your contact details
  • The claim number
  • The client name or person to contact
  • Their phone numbers and email address
  • Their address
  • The nature of the claim – total loss, damage, or single earring
  • A list of the items
  • Please attach any submitted documents and photos (10mb maximum per email)

We will make contact within 24 hours and send to you the report, or an update on progress within one week.


For our standard service there is no need to book, just call in to Constellation Drive at your convenience. We will give you a free quote.

To book our while-you-wait, same-day or one week valuation service, or to request more information: